Sally Lierman



Sally Lierman is an architect-urban planner by education and a partner at Atelier Romain. She supports Atelier Romain as a project manager for various projects through design research and a co-creative approach. Her design and research focus on sustainable urban and landscape challenges, addressing themes such as circularity, climate, (village) revitalization, agriculture, green-blue networks, and public space. In recent years, Sally has served as a project manager for projects such as the 'urban renewal project Citadel Diest' (2021) and the research project 'Designing Healthy and Resilient Living Environments' (commissioned by the Department of Environment).

Currently, she is working on the development of master plans for various (village) cores, with a focus on the uniqueness and identity of the village and its connection to the landscape. At the regional level, she is contributing to an integrated area vision and program for Walden as part of the Brabantse Wouden Landscape Park. Additionally, she is exploring how design research can provide new insights into a sustainable agricultural landscape, with a primary focus on the perspective of the farmer.

In addition to her practical experience, Sally is involved in the School of Arts, where she provides studio guidance in Landscape Architecture and teaches Landscape and Urban Planning in the Landscape Development program. In this role, she delves into the specific potential of landscape design to structure urbanization, as well as stakeholder analyses and participation methodologies.