About EFFORTS 2023


EFFORTS is the European network organisation established in 2017 to share knowledge and practical expertise on military heritage, such as walled towns, forts & and defence lines. The basis for EFFORTS was laid during the final conference of the At Fort Interreg IVC project in Suomenlinna, Helsinki (Finland 2014) and international conferences on military heritage in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands 2016), Berlin-Spandau Zitadelle (Germany 2017), Venice (Italy 2018), Antwerp (Belgium 2019), Oudenaarde and Brussels (Belgium 2020 and 2021) and Kaunas (Lithuania 2022). Today EFFORTS unites more than 150 European fortified sites and networks in 23 countries and is growing. Since 2018 EFFORTS has been a European professional representation of fortified sites. It is member of the Europa Nostra managed European Heritage Alliance 3.3. EFFORTS’ main mission is the structuring of European cooperation and keeping military fortified heritage on the European policy agenda. EFFORTS believes that European cooperation is the key to achieving its goals. Any local or regional authority and any person actively engaged in the protection and re-use of military heritage at European, national, regional or local level is welcome to join EFFORTS. The EFFORTS’ aim is to enhance structural European cooperation and coordination, to share expertise, to promote personal cooperation and to put fortified heritage on the agenda as a permanent link with our common European history. This in order to make a sustainable contribution to Europe’s economic, energy, spatial development and social challenges.

More information : www.efforts-europe.eu